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Blurb Edits

Blurb Edits

You put in a lot of work to write your book to completion, but what about the back of the book — your blurb? Did that receive the attention it deserves?


Blurbs can be difficult to write, and they need to be written. Beyond a cover that draws a reader towards your book, a blurb on your back cover is how someone decides to read your book.

Consider the following questions:

  • Does your blurb hook a reader?
  • Does it flow?
  • How’s the length, is it just right?
  • Does your blurb contain spoilers?
  • Does it match the tone of your book?
  • Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

For $5, I’ll critique and edit your blurb so that it’s as polished as the plot between the covers.

Note: This service is free if I edit or proofread your book.

You can start the process by clicking the Hire Me tab at the side of your screen.

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