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Complete Editing Package

Complete Editing Package

Do you want one person to do it all? Look no further! The Paisley Editor offers a complete editing package! The complete editing package is the full paisley!PaisleyEditorLogo copy

For $.013 a word, you’ll get a content edit, line edit, proofread, and blurb edit!

That’s like getting the proofread and blurb edit for free!

This is a multi-submittal process. In the first pass, I will conduct a content edit of your manuscript. I will then send it back to you for you to address those comments within an agreed upon time. You will then send the book manuscript back to me and I will conduct a thorough line edit before sending it back to you to revise. After you’ve completed that, you will send it back to me for a proofread. In addition, I will also work with you to craft your blurb into something that will entice readers.

You can start the process by clicking the Hire Me tab at the side of your screen.

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