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Line Editing/Copyediting

Line Editing/Copyediting

Are you ready to tackle any grammar and spelling issues, awkward sentence structure or dialog, info dumps, and transitions between sentences and paragraphs?


Did your book go to beta readers, and now you’ve addressed any issues with rewrites? Does your manuscript need a cleanup of small details and facts so that they agree through the whole book?


For $.006 a word, I will give your manuscript a heavy line edit.

What line editing/copyediting is:

It is a heavy edit to check grammar, spelling, typos, word usage, and repeated words next to one another. It is a check on details that may have changed over the course of story or during rewrites (things like the age of a parent, or hair color, or how long ago something was). It is to smooth transitions between paragraphs and sentences so that your plot flows and does not feel jumpy. Although sentences could get rearranged on occasion, and a word or two might get changed, your voice and those of your characters will remain true to you and your book.

What line editing/copyediting is not:

Line editing is not for making suggestions to plot points. It is not to catch major timeline issues or out-of-character actions. It is not for changing overly used words to such an extent that it would require substantial changes to fix the occurrences of these words (although this issue will be pointed out). It is not the final pass on a manuscript before publishing.

You can start the process by clicking the Hire Me tab at the side of your screen.

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