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Mindy Ruiz

Jaquelyn “Jack” Alcantar

~I’ll never love again!~

That simple sentence to never be a sucker for the swoon could land you cursed to play Cupid.
I should know.
Six years ago, I picked up the shattered pieces of my heart and gladly handed them to Eros, the God of Love, and joined the ranks of his Cupid Corps. Now, one Cupid arrow away from immortality, I’ve been ordered to return to the beach city where I grew up and train my replacement.
Should be easy peasy.
But this is Eros, and nothing is ever easy with that meddling god.
I’m cursed, not stupid.

Hugh Halia.

One promise. One mistake.
I only wanted to do the right thing; instead, I ended up with a sentence in purgatory. That’s what life has been like since I agreed to give Jaquelyn Alcantar up. I thought for sure she’d never touch another perfectly pedicured toe in Huntington Beach ever again, but now she’s standing in my boardroom looking seven strokes of sexy and all I can think of is the man who made me promise to break her heart …
Her dad.
Time to right the sins of both our fathers, even if it costs me my soul.

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