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Morgan Wylie

The Tangled Web: Rylen by Morgan Wylie

Second Edition Out Now!

Rylen CoverRylen Duncan, a badass warlock, is running out of time. Given five years to prove himself as the leader of a supernatural crime syndicate in the Pacific Northwest, Rylen and his pseudo swat team of unorthodox villains wreaked havoc trying to prove their loyalty to the head of the entire network-the Black Widow.

Now, Rylen’s about to face his biggest battle yet. Magic users around the area are slowly being hunted by a private organization intent on stripping them of their “unnatural” powers to restore them to their “proper” human state. Rylen and his team: a vampire, shifter brothers, a ninja witch, a transporter, and an Oracle must take the fight to the enemy’s door, but Rylen can’t shake the twist of caution that haunts him… he is being quietly stalked… by a girl, a human girl. Who is she? Why is she following him?

As pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, each should know the side they belong to. But thoughts and actions are challenged. Will Rylen figure it out before not only his entire team is doomed, but the girl who captures his heart is as well?

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

The Tangled Web: Mather by Morgan Wylie

Out Now!

Mather CoverAfter learning the truth about the Fairfax Alliance, Rylen and the team from the Northwest PAC must come together once again to battle the evils assaulting them from all sides. The Black Widow has her claws in more than they know, and the threat against the Oracle grows serious as darkness stirs inside and out of the Lair, dividing and conquering as it goes.

With Rylen away on a mission, Mather is forced to make a decision that will affect them all. He’ll need to see beyond his past and overcome his own obstacles if he wants to move forward. Does Poppy fit into his life, or will she betray him as well? His wolf has staked his claim on the feisty red-head, but Mather is doing everything he can to avoid her.

Emotions run high as loyalties are questioned. Alana, Rylen’s chosen mate and the daughter of the Fairfax Alliance’s leader, will have to decide whose side she is truly on before it’s too late. Who will survive the coming battle between the Fairfax Alliance and Northwest faction of the Web?

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

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Jax: The Doppleganger by Morgan Wylie

Out Now!

My grandfather took many secrets—secrets involving me—to his grave. Now, it seems he’s haunting me from beyond; although for a Necromancer like him, that might not be too hard. I wouldn’t know. I have a different set of unique and unwanted… talents.

I had never invested in relationships outside the ones I already have: a tight group of girls with their own special abilities; a Voodoo priestess; and my grandfather, RIP. Having anyone else in my life would just be too complicated. But then Bast showed up with his fierce blue eyes like a crystal-clear lake on a winter’s day. He was something I definitely hadn’t planned for. Same for his powers, which interact with mine in unexpected ways.

To me, the gift I was born with is truly a curse. Being involuntarily ripped from my current reality to another place, appearing in the form of another person’s image is not my idea of a good time.

But this curse is something the Shadow Realm wants. And with the help of my friends and my grandfather’s spirit, I need to find out how to stop it before it’s too late… for all of us.

My name is Jax, and I am a Doppelgänger. Don’t you wish you were one, too?

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The Necromancers by Morgan Wylie

Out Now!

NecromancersHailey Devareaux, an inexperienced Necromancer with a fear of death, couldn’t care less what the world had to offer her. A year after her mother’s death, Hailey has lost interest in being a Necromancer and taking over as rightful leader of the clan. When her clan receives a cryptic letter, it’s up to Hailey to go on a dangerous quest to restore the veil and save her people.

While moping around in the cemetery the day after the Day of the Dead, Hailey met Bobby; if only she had realized he was dead before she started talking to him. Robert “Bobby” Duval died one year ago. When he died, the veil between this world and the next was at its thinnest. It should’ve been easy for him to cross over, but something kept him from doing so, and now, he’s stuck. With a promise to help Bobby cross over after she has fulfilled her mission, Bobby joins Hailey, and together they begin to understand her powers.

Will Hailey give up her bitterness against the craft and her own fear of death, and forgive herself in order to embrace her power? Will she be able to help save the supernatural community by sealing the veil once more?

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