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Do you have a previously edited manuscript that needs a second set of eyes? Has your manuscript gone through a content editor, line editor, and beta readers? Are you ready for your manuscript to undergo a final polish?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, consider hiring me to be your proofreader!

For $.003 a word, I will proofread your manuscript.

What proofreading is:

Proofreading focuses on grammar, spelling, typos, repeated words next to one another, extra spaces, etc. It is to find anything that might have been accidentally missed during a heavier edit.

What proofreading is not:

It is not for making suggestions to plot points. It is not to catch timeline issues, out-of-character actions, or overly used words.

This option is for books that have gone through at least a line edit before. If the manuscript is determined to have numerous errors, I will contact you to discuss new terms about going through a heavier line edit.

You can start the process by clicking the Hire Me tab at the side of your screen.

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