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Sale Announcement!!

Sale Announcement!!

Okay, so here’s the scoop: I’m having a sale! This sale is open to everyone, the first time I’m having a sale beyond my newsletter subscribers. Did you know I have a newsletter? Sent out quarterly, you can sign up here.

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There are two tiers to this sale.

First up: Anyone who books with me now for work through the beginning of April will get 10% off their total editing job.

But! To celebrate those who won #nanowrimo, if you book me for the edit of your Nano winning book, you’ll get 15% off the total editing job. Hit 50K but not done writing your novel? That’s okay! You can book me for now through the beginning of April. Just send me a screenshot of your Nano winner’s certificate to claim this offer.

Book now for a project start date as early as December 13th!

In an effort to prevent project bunching and overlap, I want to stick to hard dates this time around. So you’ll be booking me for a block of time, anywhere from one to three weeks depending on book size:

Up to 30,000 words: 1 week
Up to 80,000 words: 2 weeks
Above 80,000 words: 3 weeks (we’ll talk about extending this if you have a 110,000+ word book on this timeframe being longer).

With some exceptions, weeks run from Monday to the following Sunday night. Please keep that in mind when booking. Also, with sticking to a tighter schedule, there will not be as much leeway if you are not ready when your scheduled time  comes. Rebooking for a later date is one possible option.

This is only good on projects booked from NOW until the end of the year for work through the beginning of April. Contact me at if you would like to schedule me for editing work. I am taking from April 10th to May 14th off for wedding prep, the wedding, and my honeymoon. Please keep this in mind when trying to schedule.

With that in mind, please view my current schedule here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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